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What readers say...

The images of Kat bring to mind a delightful, grown-up Nancy Drew.

I enjoyed the way it was ratcheted into high gear at the end.

Kat keeps you on your toes and takes you on a joyous ride.

New angles, twists, turns, and surprises throughout each chapter kept my curiosity so charged, I carried the book with me to read at every available moment.

I often found myself stopping to reread and admire enchanting scenes in vividly descriptive text. How delightful it was to stop and savor an image she so deftly inserted into one's imagination!

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Book Excerpts

Friend Fears. . . a Killer Bouquet?

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Kat Everitt kicked off her work heels. With a steaming cup of tea, she settled down to observe a butterfly feed off the phlox near her open sunroom window. When she swept a tumbling curl off her face she noticed a chipped finger nail, but ignored it, and continued to watch the butterfly. Its flight from flower to flower relaxed her after running around the Mountain View University campus all day.

The jarring ring of the phone broke her intense scrutiny and scared the butterfly away. The voice on the phone shouted, “Death just arrived at my door. It’s in the guise of a bouquet of flowers, but I know death when I see it. I’m going to die. Please help.”

Kat jerked upright as she recognized the wheezing voice of her older friend, Agatha. She struggled to wiggle her toes into her shoes without the aid of her hands. One hand clutched the phone. The other one grabbed for the spilling cup of tea.

As a university employee, she’d heard pleas of help before. But this? Death by allergy, asthma, bee sting? What was Agatha afraid of and how could she help?

“Agatha, are you okay?”

“Yes, but you know my friends, Margaret and Rosalin, both died right after receiving bouquets. What if I’m next?”

Kat tried to soothe Agatha with what she knew. “The police temporarily suspect natural causes for one death and the other followed a fall down the stairs. In neither incident was it judged ‘death by bouquet.’”

She grabbed her trench coat and a hat from the closet while talking. “Did you touch the bouquet?”

“I picked it up off my doorstep by grabbing the cellophane. It wasn’t even in a box. When I realized what I was doing I dropped it on the hall table in a panic. I called you right away.”

“Agatha, I think you should call the police. Now. I’ll come over immediately, but they need to be told.”

Agatha whined, “I’m scared, but the police won’t be able to do anything. What do I tell them? That I received a threatening bouquet?” Read more